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Cannabis category sales Washington by brand and product type, 2016
Cannabis flower sales share Washington by weight, 2016
Legal and illegal cannabis price difference by U.S. state 2016
Marijuana: taxable retail sales U.S. 2020
U.S. number of marijuana businesses 2017
Retail volume marijuana flower sold Colorado, 2016
Lifetime marijuana users U.S. 2009-2016
Marijuana: consumer attitudes towards legalization U.S. 2017
U.S. population with access to legal cannabis U.S. 2016
Retail volume marijuana-infused edibles sold Colorado, 2016
Danger of cannabis compared to other drugs according to U.S. adults 2017
Marijuana: adult use market value by U.S. state 2020
Medical and recreational marijuana sales in Colorado 2014-2016
Marijuana: legal market growth rate by state U.S. 2016-2020
Medical and recreational marijuana retail start up cost breakdown U.S. 2017
High quality cannabis prices by U.S. state 2017
Cannabis market sales recreational use U.S. by state, 2016-2020
U.S. Alaska cannabis sales value forecast 2016-2025
Frequency of cannabis consumption in the U.S. 2017
Recreational marijuana: retail sales U.S. 2021
Cannabis vapor pens sales share Washington by day of the week, 2016
Potential jobs created by cannabis industry in U.S. by 2020
Market share of cannabis products by category U.S. 2016
Washington: marijuana concentrate and -infused product sales, 2015
Cheapest legal dispensary marijuana by U.S. city 2016
Americans on the legalization of marijuana
Marijuana sales revenue in Colorado 2016-2017
Cannabis distribution channels U.S. 2017
Cannabis sales share Washington by category, 2016
Marijuana: adult use market value by U.S. state 2016
Legal marijuana price per ounce in dispensaries by U.S. state 2016
Reasons for cannabis consumption among U.S. adults 2017
Interest in visiting states with legal cannabis among U.S. adults 2017
Marijuana: sales value in Washington, U.S. 2018
Most consumed form of cannabis among U.S. adults 2017
Retail marijuana-infused non-edibles in Colorado, 2016
Buying illegal cannabis savings over dispensary cannabis by U.S. city 2016
Weekly cannabis sales by day and type of use U.S. 2016