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Trustworthiness of peer-to-peer health insurance U.S. 2017
Medicare covered share U.S. 1990-2016
Health insured share by coverage U.S. 2011-2016
Largest U.S. life/health insurance writers by premiums 2016
Medicaid covered share U.S. 1990-2016
Obamacare impression in U.S. adults 2017
Favored employee insurance benefits U.S. 2017
Gaps in implementation of Affordable Care Act U.S. adult opinions 2017
U.S. health administration costs and private health insurance 1960-2015
Trustworthiness of health insurance start-ups U.S. 2017
Government health insurance numbers U.S. 1997-2017
Insurance deductibles vs. wages U.S. 2006-2015
Opinion on health care reform law by gender U.S. 2016
U.S. citizens without health insurance 2017
U.S. firms offering health coverage to same-sex partners by size 2017
Privately health insured people in U.S. 1997-2017
Likelihood of customers sharing data with health insurer U.S. 2017
Market share of leading U.S. health insurers by premiums 2016
Americans without health insurance U.S. number 2010-2017
Deductibles of the U.S. employer health insurance 2017
Health insured by military U.S. share 1990-2016
Health reform law public view U.S. 2010-2018
Income of U.S. life insurers from net health insurance premiums 2016
Uninsured percentage by age group U.S. 2014-2017
Medicaid enrollment total U.S. 1966-2017
Leading U.S. health insurers by premiums 2016
Health insurance program exclusions U.S. 2016
Consequences of repealing Affordable Care Act in opinion of U.S. adults 2017
Americans without health insurance U.S. share 1997-2017
Health insured number U.S. 1990-2016
Any health insurance U.S. share 1990-2016
Feelings about possible Obamacare repeal among U.S. adults 2017
Share of firms offering coverage to opposite-sex partners by size U.S. 2017
Revenue of U.S. life and health insurance industry 2016
Health insurance consumers using connected device globally 2016
Uninsured percentage by ethnicity U.S. 2010-2017
Opinion on health care reform law enlargement or reversal by party ID 2016
Leading L/H insurance (stock) companies by revenue 2016