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Highest cancer incidence rates U.S. states 2014
Lowest cancer incidence rates U.S. states 2014
Top 3 therapeutic areas by spending U.S. 2012-2016
New oncology drugs availability by country 2017
Cancer drugs in development U.S. number 2005-2018
Top oncology companies by global revenue 2017 and 2024
Deaths from chronic diseases worldwide 2016
Oncology spending by global region share 2016
Probability of developing invasive cancer in U.S. 2012-2014
U.S. cancer sufferers' lifestyle habits by age 2017
Number of U.S. Americans with a history of cancer living 2016
Colorectal cancer risk factors relative risk estimates U.S. 2017
Cancer 5-year survival rates in U.S. by ethnic group 1975-2013
Diagnosed cancer gender distribution by country 2017
Cancer highest death rates U.S. states 2016
Deaths by prostate cancer U.S. 1950-2015
Lifestyle cancer patients selected countries 2017
Top death causes U.S. 2016
Cancer risk reduction behaviors U.S. 2017
New cancer cases number among men U.S. 2018
Diagnosed cancer prevalence selected countries 2017
U.S. states cancer lowest death rates 2016
Cancer death rates by ethnic group and gender U.S. 2011-2015
Cancer deaths attributable to smoking U.S. by cancer type 2014
Major cancer types by deaths worldwide 2016
Cancer deaths number among men U.S. 2018
Number of new cancer cases and deaths in U.S. by gender 2018
Cancer risk factors: beliefs of U.S. adults 2017
Cancer incidence rates in U.S. by ethnicity and gender 2010-2014
Deaths by cancer U.S. 1950-2015
Cancer rate U.S. population 2000-2015