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Marketing departments responsible for MarTech functions in the U.S. 2016
U.S. MarTech salaries by position 2018
U.S. marketing technology budget change
Degree of marketing systems integration in companies 2016
Entity responsible for MarTech purchases 2016
Reasons for investing in marketing technology 2017
Technical barriers to building a joined-up view of customer journey 2016
U.S. marketer acceptance of AI tech run ad campaigns 2018
Top MarTech features used by U.S. B2B marketers 2017
Views on AI improving ad performance in the U.S. 2018
Allocation of marketing technology budget by target 2016
Global marketing automation software revenue 2016
Corporate MarTech budget in the U.S. 2017
MarTech implementation in U.S. companies 2016
Marketing analytics usage in the U.S. 2018
AdTech companies - revenues 2017
U.S. marketer opinion of AI-run ad campaigns operational transparency 2018
Planned MarTech purchases in U.S. companies 2017
Views on AIs importance to the U.S. ad industry 2018
Corporate SEO tools spending 2016
U.S. marketer opinion of AI-run ad campaigns financial transparency 2018
U.S. marketing automation software market share 2018
Media M&A value worldwide by sector 2017
Most important factors when choosing a marketing automation vendor 2018
MarTech tools used in U.S. companies 2016
U.S. marketer opinion of AI-run ad campaigns decision transparency 2018
MarTech adoption worldwide 2016
View on AI influence on ad targeting and purchasing 2018
Companies offering AI-enabled automated campaign tools according to U.S. marketers 2018
MarTech number of M&A deals 2017
Allocation of marketing budgets by segment 2017
Number of marketing technologies used in U.S. companies 2017
Obstacles to MarTech implementation in U.S. companies 2016