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Leading European life & health insurance companies ranked by market value as of 2017

Leading European life and health insurance companies on the market in 2017, by market value (Figures expressed in billions of U.S. dollars, unless otherwise specified)

The data displays the leading European life and health insurance companies on the market, ranked by market value (market capitalization) as of 2017. In that time Prudential was the biggest life and health insurer, with a market value of nearly 54 billion USD. Market capitalization, also known as stock market value, is the total value of issued shares of a publicly traded company. It is equal to the share price multiplied by the number of shares outstanding. It applies only to publicly traded companies or companies that have made their stock market debut, also known as the initial public offering, or an IPO.

Prudential (United Kingdom) 53.7
Aviva (United Kingdom) 25.9
Legal & General Group (United Kingdom) 18.2
NN Group (Netherlands) 10.3
Swiss Life Holding (Switzerland) 10.2
Standard Life (United Kingdom) 9
Post Italiane (Italy) 8.6
Banco Mediolanum (Italy) 5.4
Phoenix Group holding (United Kingdom) 3.5