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Risks to businesses worldwide in 2018

Risks to global businesses in 2018

The data describes the leading risks to global businesses in 2018 according to the results of a survey conducted in October and November 2017, among business and risk consultants. According to 40% of the survey respondents, cyber incidents such as cyber crime, data breaches or IT failures posed a threat to global businesses in 2018.

Business interruption (including supply chain disruption and vulnerability) 42
Cyber incidents (cyber crime, IT failure, data breaches, etc.) 40
Natural catastrophes (storm, flood, earthquake) 30
Market developments (volatility, intensified competition/new entrants, M&A, market stagnation, market fluctuation) 22
Changes in legislation and regulation (government change, economic sanctions, protectionism, etc.) 21
Fire/explosion 20
New technologies (e.g impact of increasing interconnectivity, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, drones, etc.) 15
Loss of reputation or brand value 13
Political risks and violence (war, terrorism, etc.) 11
Climate change/increasing volatility of weather 10