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Leading global reinsurers 2016 by gross premiums

Leading global reinsurers in 2016, by gross reinsurance premiums written (Figures expressed in billions of U.S. dollars, unless otherwise specified)

The data displays the leading global reinsurers in 2016, by gross reinsurance premiums written. In that year, Hannover Re was ranked third with about 17.23 billion USD of gross reinsurance premiums written.

Reinsurance – additional information Reinsurance involves insurers transferring parts of risk portfolios to other parties in order to spread the risk of having to pay out a large sum in the event of an insurance claim. This encourages insurance companies to assume risk, even when the potential payout will be extremely high, like in the case of a natural disaster.

Swiss Re Ltd. 35.62
Munich Re Co. 33.15
Hannover Re 17.23
SCOR S.E. 14.57
Berkshire Hathaway Inc 12.71
Lloyd's 11.58
Reinsurance Group of America Inc 10.11
China Reinsurance (Group) Corp 7.86
Great West Lifeco 6.2
Korean Reinsurance Company 5.55