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Top global biotech, drug and pharmaceutical company profits 2018

2018 ranking of the global top 10 biotech and pharmaceutical companies based on net income (Figures expressed in billions of U.S. dollars, unless otherwise specified)

The data displays the 2018 ranking of the top 10 biotech and pharmaceutical companies worldwide, based on net income. The values were taken from the Financial Times 2018 equity screener database. U.S. company Johnson & Johnson was ranked first with a net income of 15 billion USD.

Biotech and pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson, both based in the U.S., are among the world’s biggest biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies based on their net incomes of approx. 15 billion USD and 12 billion USD, respectively, as of 2018.

Johnson & Johnson, U.S. 15
Novartis, Switzerland 13.8
Pfizer, U.S. 11.9
Roche, Switzerland 10.5
Amgen, U.S. 8.5
Gilead Sciences, U.S. 7.7
AbbVie, U.S. 6.8
Novo Nordisk, Denmark 6
Bayer, Germany 4.3
Biogen, U.S. 4.1