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Export of goods from India 2017

India: Export of goods from 2007 to 2017 (Figures expressed in billions of U.S. dollars, unless otherwise specified)

The data displays the value of exports of goods from India from 2007 to 2017. In 2017, goods with a value of around 298.38 billion USD were exported from India.

Trade and economy in India Being one of the BRIC countries, India is one of the leading emerging market countries worldwide, and one of the fastest-growing economies. It is ranked second among the countries with the biggest population, and is expected to have surpassed China in about 50 years. As for India’s economy, the country has been reporting a promising development of key figures over the last few years: Gross domestic product / gdp in India has been increasing significantly, while inflation in India and other indicators, such as the country’s unemployment rate, have been more or less stable.

2007 150.16
2008 194.83
2009 164.91
2010 226.35
2011 302.91
2012 296.83
2013 314.85
2014 322.69
2015 267.44
2016 264.14
2017 298.38