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Leading mobile messengers in the United States 2018, by monthly usage

Most popular mobile messaging apps in the United States as of May 2018, by user engagement (in minutes per month)

The data presents active reach of the most popular mobile messenger apps in the U.S., sorted by monthly user engagement. As of May 2018, Kik Messenger was ranked fifth with users spending an average of 192.43 minutes per month on the mobile messenger. Facebook Messenger only averaged close to 94.67 minutes per user per month.

Messenger by Google 408.34
Snapchat 232.5
Discord 197.88
Telegram 194.78
Kik 192.43
WhatsApp 177.67
Google Hangouts 143.54
LINE 135.58
Facebook Messenger 94.67
WeChat 89.7
Skype 77.88
GroupMe 69.35
Viber 39.49