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Internet penetration rate worldwide 2017, by region

Global internet penetration rate as of September 2017, by region

The data displays the internet penetration rate as of September 2017, by global region. As of that period, North America was ranked first with an online penetration rate of 89 percent, followed by Western Europe with 87%. The global average penetration rate was 51 percent, an increase from 35% in 2013.

Global internet penetration rate – additional information The development of telecommunication network and technology infrastructure has a direct impact on internet penetration and internet access. In light of the slow or underdevelopment of broadband technology in some countries, many developing online markets rely on mobile connections for internet access.

North America 89
Western Europe 87
Oceania 67
Eastern Europe 67
South America 67
Middle East 60
East Asia 57
Southeast Asia 57
Central America 54
World average 51
Central Asia 48
South Asia 34
Africa 32