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Most valuable technology brands worldwide in 2018

Values of the top 20 technology brands worldwide in 2018 (Figures expressed in billions of U.S. dollars, unless otherwise specified)

The data illustrates a ranking of the top-20 technology companies in 2018 according to their brand value as calculated by Millward Brown. Google is ranked as the most valuable technology company worldwide with a brand value over 302 billion USD.

Top technology brands – additional information With technology an essential part of people’s lives, it is no surprise to find technology companies among the most valuable brands worldwide. Of the top five most valuable global brands, four are technology brands: Apple, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft.

Google 302.06
Apple 300.6
Microsoft 200.99
Tencent 178.99
Facebook 162.11
IBM 96.27
SAP 55.37
Accenture 33.72
Samsung 32.19
Intel 28.32
Baidu 26.86
Oracle 25.8
Huawei 24.92
YouTube 22.96
Cisco 21.33
Adobe 17.92
Salesforce 17.03
LinkedIn 15.66
HP 14.8
Instagram 14.5