Most valuable Swedish brands 2017

Most valuable Swedish brands in 2017 (Figures expressed in millions of U.S. dollars, unless otherwise specified)

The data describes the value of the top Swedish brands in 2017. Brand value is defined as the value of a brand in regard to its (potential) profits, reputation, prestige, as well as the market value. As of 2017, the world's biggest self-assembly furniture retailer IKEA ranked first in Sweden, with a value of more than 24 billion USD. Furthermore, a survey conducted in 2015 found that IKEA was the most purposeful brand, which is based on Swedish consumers' opinion regarding a clear purpose of the companies.

In respect of brand value, clothing retail company H&M (roughly 19 billion USD) and financial service group Nordea (5.

IKEA 24119
H&M 19177
Nordea 5600
Ericsson 5047
Telia Company 4614
Volvo 3572
Swedbank 2910
Svenska Handelsbanken 2893
SEB 2480
Skanska 2339