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Most visited amusement and theme parks in the Asia-Pacific region 2017

Attendance at amusement and theme parks in the Asia-Pacific region by facility in 2017 (in millions)

The data shows the attendance of the 20 most visited theme and amusement parks in the Asia-Pacific region in 2017. Lotte World in Seoul, South Korea was visited by 6.71 million people in 2017. In 2017, Universal Studios Japan's sister park Universal Studios Hollywood had 9.06 million visitors.

Tokyo Disneyland, Japan 16.6
Universal Studios, Japan 14.94
Tokyo Disney Sea, Japan 13.5
Shanghai Disneyland, China 11
Chimelong Ocean Kingdom 9.79
Lotte World, South Korea 6.71
Everland, South Korea 6.31
Hong Kong Disneyland, Hong Kong S.A.R 6.2
Nagashima Spa Land, Japan 5.93
Ocean Park, Hong Kong S.A.R. 5.8
Universal Studios Singapore 4.22
Chimelong Paradise, China 4.18
Window of the World, Shenzen 3.98
Oct East, China 3.96
Happy Valley Beijing, China 3.95
Happy Valley Shenzhen, China 3.9
Ningbo Fantawild Oriental Heritage, China 3.83
Zhenzhou Fantawild Adventure, China 3.82
Happy Valley Chengdu, China 2.97
Happy Valley Shanghai, China 2.64