Motivational factors for outdoor activity participation in the United States in 2017

What motivates you to participate in outdoor activities?

The data displays the leading motivational factors for outdoor activity participation in the U.S. in 2017. During the survey, 50% of outdoor participants said they participated in outdoor activities to keep physically fit.

Get exercise 64
Be with family and friends 56
Keep physically fit 50
Observe scenic beauty 48
Be close to nature 47
Enjoy the sounds and smells of nature 46
Get away from the usual demands 41
Be with people who enjoy the same things I do 33
Experience excitement and adventure 32
Experience solitude 25
Be with people who share my values 20
Develop my skills and abilities 20
Gain a sense of accomplishment 19
Because it is cool 17
Gain a sense of self-confidence 16
Talk to new and varied people 9
Other reasons 4