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Global CRM software high quality aspects 2016

Aspects of customer relationship management software considered to be high quality, worldwide, in 2016

The data displays findings on the aspects of customer relationship management (CRM) software which respondents considered to be of high quality in organizations worldwide, as of May 2016. According to the survey, 43% of respondents were happy with the ease of use of their CRM systems, followed by the accuracy of contacts' data, which was chosen by 39% of respondents.

Ease of use 43
Accuracy of contacts' data 39
Accuracy of company's data 36
Reporting abiliities 30
Association between contacts and companies 29
Adoption by the sales force 28
Sales funnel management 26
Value to end user (sales rep or sales manager) 25
Completeness of data 25
Mobile capabilities 24
Overall effectiveness of the system 22
Integration with other tools 21
Integration with the marketing software 21
Social capabilities 14