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Preferred delivery of CRM data among B2B software sales professionals globally 2017

Preference for receiving customer relationship management (CRM) data among B2B software sales professionals worldwide, as of July 2017

The data displays the preferences held by business-to-business (B2B) software sales professionals worldwide when it comes to receiving customer relationship management (CRM) data, according to a survey conducted in June and July 2017. As of that time, 35% of sales leaders indicated they would like continuous updates of CRM data emailed to them throughout the day, while 70% of Millenials working in B2B software sales roles said they would prefer an overview from the CRM dashboard when they arrive in the office in the morning.

Millenials 68.4 26.3 5.3
Sales representatives 61.8 17.7 20.6
Baby Boomers 46.7 43.3 10
Sales leaders 45 20 35