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Popular CRM supplementary tools used in enterprise software sales globally 2017

Supplementary customer relationship management (CRM) system tools used by enterprise software sales professionals worldwide, as of July 2017

The data displays the most popular tools used to supplement customer relationship management (CRM) systems by business-to-business (B2B) software sales professionals worldwide, according to a survey conducted in June and July 2017. As of that time, 33.6% of enterprise software salespeople supplemented their CRM system with sales forecasting tools such as lead scoring and pipeline analytics. Around 20% utilized sales automation, including task automation and chat bots.

Sales forecasting (lead scoring, pipeline analytics) 33.6
Sales enablement (predictive dialers, personalized content) 22.4
Sales automation (task automation, chat bots) 19.8
Sales performance (sales attribution, call anaytics) 13.8
Other 10.5