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Best-selling Xbox One video games worldwide 2016, by unit sales

Best-selling Xbox One video game titles worldwide in 2016, by unit sales (in millions)

The data shows the best-selling Xbox One video game titles worldwide in 2016, ranked by unit sales. In the measured period CoD: Infinite Warfare sold 3.96 million units for Xbox One, while Battlefield1 was the bestseller on the platform, with over 4.3 million units sold.

Battlefield 1 4.32
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare 3.96
FIFA 17 3.63
Gears of War 4 2.66
Tom Clancy's The Division 2.41
Madden NFL 17 2.02
Forza Horizon 3 1.93
Grand Theft Auto V 1.82
Minecraft: Xbox One Edition 1.78
Gears of War: Ultimate Edition 1.6