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Second hand goods: Sales volume percentage change in the United Kingdom 2008-2017

Percentage change in sales volume of second hand goods in Great Britain from 2008 to 2017

The data displays the percentage change in the volume of second hand goods sold in Great Britain, from 2008 to 2017. In 2017, the quantity of second hand goods bought in Great Britain increased by 4.1% on a year earlier. The most prosperous year for second hand good sales was 2009 with an 9.7% increase in sales volume over the previous year.

There has been a decline in second hand good stores since 2008, with a decrease of nearly 175 stores. The reason for this decline may be due to the reason that many people are still put off by second hand purchases for larger white label items such as fridges and freezers, with 58% of people saying they would only buy new, and with regards to televisions and laptops, 57% said they would not buy second hand.

2008 1
2009 9.7
2010 3.4
2011 8.3
2012 1.2
2013 7.3
2014 0.1
2015 -4.9
2016 5.1
2017 4.1