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Protein percentage of edible insects by type

Protein percentage of selected edible insect species, by type

The data displays the protein percentage of selected edible insect species worldwide, by type. The protein percentage of red leg locusts is approx. 75 percent, in comparison to more popular animal-sources of protein such as chicken and beef, which are 25-35% protein.

Red-legged locusts 75.3
Water boatmen and back swimmer eggs 63.8
House fly pupae 61.54
Leafcutting ants 58.3
Paper wasp pupae 57.93
Darner larvae 56.22
Leafhoppers 56.22
Agave billbug lavae 55.56
House fly larvae 54.17
Water boatmen adults 53.8
Honey bee pupae 49.3
Yellow mealworm beetle larvae 47.76
Stink bugs 44.1
June beetle larvae 42.62
Corn earworms 41.98
Honey bee larvae 41.68