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Barriers to digital wallet adoption in the United States 2017

Why haven’t you used mobile wallets to make purchases?

The data displays barriers to digital wallet adoption according to consumers in the U.S. as of November 2017. During the survey period, it was found that 39% of non-mobile wallet using respondents were hesitant to use digital wallets due to security concerns.

It is easier to pay with my card 45
I don’t think it is safe 39
I prefer to pay with cash 31
I don’t know where I can use it 22
I forget that I have a mobile wallet 15
It is not clear on registers or payment terminals that I can use my mobile wallet 11
Mobile wallets are not accepted at the stores where I shop 8
My mobile phone does not support mobile wallets 2
Some other reasons, specify here 2
Clerks will not let me use my mobile wallet for large purchases 2
Clerks discourage me from using or ask me not to use a mobile wallet 1
The card I want to use cannot be loaded into my mobile wallet 1
Clerks will not let me use my mobile wallet for small purchases 1
I previously had a bad experience using a mobile wallet 0