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Leading corporate strategies of Luxembourg financial sector with FinTechs 2016

How is the Luxembourg financial sector dealing with FinTechs?

The data displays the answers to a survey question on the leading corporate strategies of the financial sector in Luxembourg with FinTechs in 2016. In 2016, approx. 14% of the senior executives in the Luxembourg financial and FinTech sector indicated they launched their own FinTech subsidiaries. Approximately 21% of the Luxembourg financial sector does not deal with FinTech. However, start-ups have another way of getting the capital they need. Of the Benelux countries, Luxembourg has the highest score when it comes to the availability of venture capital for start-up entrepreneurs.

We engage in joint partnerships with FinTech companies 34
We buy and sell services to FinTech companies 31
We do not deal with FinTech 21
We launch our own FinTech subsidiaries 14
We rebrand purchased FinTech services (white-labeling)` 14
We establish start-up programmes to include FinTech companies 10
We set up venture funds FinTech companies 7
We acquire FinTech companies 0
Do not know 7
Other 7