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Value of Fintech investment areas worldwide in 2014

Value of investment in Financial Technology companies worldwide in 2014, by type (Figures expressed in millions of U.S. dollars, unless otherwise specified)

The data describes the value of investment in Fintech (Financial Technology companies) worldwide in 2014, by type. The term Fintech is used to describe the start-up innovative companies operating in the financial sector, which provide modern technology solutions to financial services companies. It was found that SME services developed by worldwide Fintech companies attracted approx. 783.39 million USD of investment in 2014. The total value of investment in Fintech globally reached approx. 6.8 billion USD.

Investment in Fintech companies – additional information The most investment in financial technology companies occurred within P2P/online lending/scoring in 2014.

P2P/Online lending/Scoring 1822.07
Online acquiring and m-wallets 1699.78
Personal Finance Management (PFM)/Private Financial Planning (PFP) 959.53
SME services 783.39
MPOS (Mobile Point of Sale technologies) 491.92
"Mobile first" banking 407.36
Bitcoin 318.76
Crowdfunding/Crowdinvesting 244.86
Other 71.98