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Generation Zero Group Inc.
Duk San Neolux Co. Ltd.
Gawk Inc.
Convalo Health International Corp.
Reach Energy Bhd
LIG Assets Inc.
Korea No. 4 Special Purpose Acquisition Co. Ltd.
Datasea Inc.
Cytta Corp.
Eugene ACPC Special Purpose Acquisition 2 Co. Ltd.
Pardee Resources Co. Inc.
Hangzhou Hi Tech Rubber & Plastic Materials Co. Ltd.
CT Developers Ltd.
Globe Net Wireless Corp.
Daewoo SBI Special Purpose Acquisition 1 Co. Ltd.
Flikmedia Inc.
Sonar Radio Corp.
NH Special Purpose Acquisition 9 Co. Ltd.
Power Clouds Inc.
In-Systcom Inc.
Avista Healthcare Public Acquisition Corp.
Bexil Corp.
Auctus Growth PLC
Pengram Corp.
Nickel One Resources Inc.
Medican Enterprises Inc.
Ebest Special Purpose Acquisition 2 Co. Ltd.
Anchor Group Ltd.
CellStop Systems Inc.
BTL Group Ltd.
My Screen Mobile Inc.
Entertainment Arts Inc.
Lindblad Expeditions Holdings Inc.
Pacific Ventures Group Inc.
Affinity Gold Corp.
Profound Medical Corp.
Shoei Yakuhin Co. Ltd.
Adventure Inc.
UniCapital Corp.
Snoogoo Corp.
U-Tech Co. Ltd.
DA Technology Co. Ltd.
Jinhua Capital Corp.
Nobelium Tech Corp.
TransGlobal Assets Inc.
IBKS No. 4 Special Purpose Acquisition Co.
KB No. 9 Special Purpose Acquisition Co.
Beneficial Holdings Inc.
Goldenbridge No.4 Special Purpose Acquisition Co. Ltd.
Ameri Holdings Inc.
Newtown Lane Marketing Inc.
Swingplane Ventures Inc.
Prodigy Ventures Inc.
AMC Financial Holdings Inc.
Hanwha MGI Special Purpose Acquisition Co. Ltd.
Polemos PLC
Allante Resources Ltd.
Uniform Techno Systems PJSC
Trinity Petroleum Trust
Advantage Lithium Corp.
Cyber Operations Inc.
Rocky Mountain Ayre Inc.
Gores Holdings Inc.
Hi AI No. 1 Special Purpose Acquisition Co.
Terra Energy Resources Ltd.
Bluerock Ventures Corp.
KCM Holdings Corp.
Silver Buckle Mines Inc.
Mullan Agritech Inc.
NovaTeqni Corp.
Artra Corp.
Mistral Ventures Inc.
HIT Technologies Inc.
Qenex Communications Inc.
Fruition Venture Ltd.
Inspira Financial Inc.
Jensyn Acquistion Corp.
Callahan Consolidated Mines Inc.
Hollund Industrial Marine Inc.
KTB Special Purpose Acquisition Co. 2 Co. Ltd.
Hemostemix Inc.
NYC on the Move Inc.
Ystrategies Corp.
Mega View Digital Entertainment Corp.
Challenger Acquisitions Ltd.
Silver Hill Mines Inc.
First-Corp Inc.
Sipp Industries Inc.
Silver One Resources Inc.
Blue Bird Corp.
Buzz Technologies Inc.
Hi Special Purpose Acquisition Co.
Crystal Valley Financial Corp.
Hampton Financial Corp.
Rapid Fire Marketing Inc.
QED Connect Inc.
VGTel Inc.
Sanders Confectionery Products Inc.