NantHealth Inc. | Key People and Executives

Ronald Allen Louks
Chief Operating Officer & Director
Patrick Soon-Shiong
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Ronald Allen Louks
Chief Operating Officer & Director
Bob Petrou
Chief Financial Officer
Sandeep K. Reddy
Chief Medical Officer
Nikko Khazana
Senior VP-Strategy & Business Development
Mark Mozley
Senior Vice President-Global Sales
Charles Hunt
Vice President-Marketing & Communications
Allen Roeseler
Senior Vice President-Product Strategy & Sales
Maureen Becker
Vice President-Human Resources
Brandon Villery
General Counsel & Vice President

About NantHealth

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9920 Jefferson Boulevard
Culver City California 90232
United States
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Updated 07/08/2019
NantHealth, Inc. ooperates as an evidence-based, personalized healthcare company, which provides treatment for critical diseases such as cancer. It is based on personalized healthcare approach that integrates novel diagnostics with large scale, biometric and phenotypic data to track patient outcomes and deliver precision medicine. The company was founded by Patrick Soon-Shiong in July 2010 and is headquartered in Culver City, CA.