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Asia Pulp and Paper revenue 2010-2017
Old newspaper recovery U.S. 1990-2017
Printing and writing paper recovery U.S. 1994-2015
SCA revenue 2011-2017
Outlook U.S. paper end-use market output 2018-2023
Highest net income of forest, paper and packaging companies 2015
Recovered paper utilization distribution by purpose U.S. 2017
Paper and cardboard production worldwide 2006-2016
Import and export of paper and cardboard in selected countries 2016
Paper production global distribution by region 2016
Paper and cardboard production top countries 2009-2016
Paper and paperboard projected production capacity worldwide 2016-2021
International Paper global sales by major product 2017
Paper production material consumption distribution 2015
Production volume of paper by type 2016
Paper and paperboard recovery U.S. 1990-2017
Paper and cardboard trade worldwide 2006-2016
Consumption paper and cardboard worldwide 2006-2016
Printing and writing paper supply U.S. 1994-2015
World paper production distribution by grade 2016
Per capita paper consumption by region 2016
Paper manufacturing energy consumption 2015
U.S. leading paper packaging manufacturers' production capacity 2015
International Paper Company revenue 2017
UPM's revenue 2004-2017
Paper and paperboard recovery rate U.S. 2017
Recycling newsprint paper supply U.S. 1993-2017
Paper and paperboard consumption by country worldwide 2016
Per capita consumption of paper and board U.S. 2016
Kimberly-Clark revenue 2017
Recovered paper usage by type U.S. 2017
Paper products manufacturing U.S. value added 1998-2016