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Number of U.S. structurally deficient road bridges 2017
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Number of road bridges in the United States 2016
Electric transmission projects completed U.S. 2017
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U.S. turbine and power transmission equipment: employment 2016
Road quality list by country 2016/17
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Traditional enterprise IT infrastructure spending on hardware and software worldwide 2015-2026
U.S. toll road mileage - by type 2017
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Utilities' transmission and distribution operating expenses United States 2015
Airport infrastructure - investment activity by region 2016
Metro networks worldwide: automation 2017
Telecom infrastructure companies brand value 2018
Fixed telephone subscriptions in the US 2000-2017
Highway traffic in the United States - vehicle-miles 2016
U.S. freight railroads: infrastructure & equipment costs 2017
Quality of air transport infrastructure - country ranking 2017/18
Automated metro lines - worldwide mileage 2025
U.S. toll mileage - bridges and tunnels by type 2017
Fixed telephone lines worldwide 2000-2017
Transport infrastructure projects - leading countries 2016-2017
Electric power generation, transmission and distribution revenue United States 2016
Airport infrastructure -investments by region 2017