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CPI: Recreation and culture sector 2018
Monthly development of the FTSE 250 Index 2015-2018
EU CCI monthly 2015-2017
CPI: transport sector 2018
How would Brexit affect your industry's employment levels?
Predicted effect on British/German employment levels post-Brexit
UK total exports post-Brexit by main EU market 2015
UK consumer confidence 2015-2016
FTSE 100 Index - Capital return: monthly development 2015-2018
How would Brexit affect your industry's investment levels?
Potential cost of EU tariffs on food exports 2015
Producer Price Index (PPI) output (excl. volatiles) 2018
CPI: health 2018
Expected Brexit's effect on industry's revenue 2016
CPI: Food and non-alcoholic beverages 2018
UK CCI monthly 2015-2017
CPI by product category 2018
Effect of Brexit on GBP per household 2030
How would Brexit affect your company's employment levels?
CPI: Housing, water, electricity, gas & other fuels 2018
Effect of Brexit on real GDP 2030
EUR GBP monthly exchange rate 2016-2018
How would Brexit affect your company's revenue?
Pound Sterling exchange rate against the Euro June 2016
Producer Price Index (PPI) 2015-2017
CPI: hospitality sector 2018
Business advantages of EU membership 2016
CPI: education sector 2018
Impact of Brexit on stock exchanges 2016
How would Brexit affect your company's investment levels?
Monthly United Kingdom BCI 2018
Total exports post-Brexit 2015
CPI: Miscellaneous goods and services 2018
Effect of Brexit on real GDP 2018-2023
UK inflation rate 2015-2018
PPI: Manufacturing output (excl. duty) 2015-2017
CPI: communication sector 2018
UK PPI input (excl. volatiles) 2015-2017
Producer Price Index (PPI): Monthly input prices 2017-2018
Change to UK production/human resources post Brexit
CFOs perception of a Brexit UK 2016
Forecasted EUR GBP exchange rate under referendum outcomes 2015
Preparedness of CFOs for the Brexit 2016