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CPI: Housing, water, electricity, gas & other fuels 2018
CPI: Recreation and culture sector 2018
Monthly development of the FTSE 250 Index 2015-2018
Monthly United Kingdom BCI 2018
Effect of Brexit on real GDP 2030
EU CCI monthly 2015-2017
Total exports post-Brexit 2015
CPI: Miscellaneous goods and services 2018
How would Brexit affect your industry's investment levels?
EUR GBP monthly exchange rate 2016-2018
How would Brexit affect your company's revenue?
UK CCI monthly 2015-2017
Effect of Brexit on real GDP 2018-2023
CPI by product category 2018
Business advantages of EU membership 2016
Effect of Brexit on GBP per household 2030
CPI: transport sector 2018
UK inflation rate 2015-2018
Potential cost of EU tariffs on food exports 2015
PPI: Manufacturing output (excl. duty) 2015-2017
CPI: education sector 2018
CFOs perception of a Brexit UK 2016
How would Brexit affect your industry's employment levels?
Impact of Brexit on stock exchanges 2016
Producer Price Index (PPI) output (excl. volatiles) 2018
CPI: communication sector 2018
Predicted effect on British/German employment levels post-Brexit
Pound Sterling exchange rate against the Euro June 2016
UK total exports post-Brexit by main EU market 2015
CPI: health 2018
Producer Price Index (PPI) 2015-2017
How would Brexit affect your company's employment levels?
Forecasted EUR GBP exchange rate under referendum outcomes 2015
Expected Brexit's effect on industry's revenue 2016
How would Brexit affect your company's investment levels?
UK PPI input (excl. volatiles) 2015-2017
Preparedness of CFOs for the Brexit 2016
UK consumer confidence 2015-2016
Producer Price Index (PPI): Monthly input prices 2017-2018
CPI: hospitality sector 2018
FTSE 100 Index - Capital return: monthly development 2015-2018
Change to UK production/human resources post Brexit
CPI: Food and non-alcoholic beverages 2018