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Scotland: percentage of inhabitants with English language issues in 2011

Proportion of population of Scotland with some weaknesses in English in 2011, by skill level

In the 2011 National Census, 93.8% of Scotland's population declared that they spoke, read and wrote English, leaving 6.2% who had some issues. The data displays the latter proportion of the population, by their specific skill set. 3% of the population claimed that they spoke but could not read or write English, and 0.2% of the population had no English skills at all.

Speaks but does not read or write English 3
Understands but does not speak, read or write English 1.9
Speaks and reads but does not write English 0.7
Other combination of skills in English 0.4
No skills in English 0.2
Reads but does not speak or write English 0.1