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Northern Ireland: English proficiency of non-native speakers by language in 2011

Proportion of non-native English speakers who could speak English well or very well in Northern Ireland in 2011, by native language

The data displays the percentage of non-native English speakers residing in Northern Ireland in 2011 who could speak English well or very well, by their main language. Over 60% of the speakers in each category stated that they could speak English well or very well, with the highest proficiency rate amongst Tagalog/Filipino speakers, followed by Irish (Gaelic) speakers and then Malaylam speakers. This may be due to the important status of English in the countries where those languages are spoken.

Tagalog/Filipino 99
Irish (Gaelic) 98
Malaylam 92
Portuguese 73
Latvian 71
Hungarian 68
Russian 66
Polish 66
Slovak 64
Lithuanian 62
Chinese 61
Other 81