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J-Stream Inc.
FEELingk Co. Ltd.
Voltari Corp.
NIC Inc.
DTCOM-Direct to Company S/A
Identillect Technologies Corp.
SSH Communications Security Oyj
Benefit Japan Co. Ltd.
Family Zone Cyber Safety Ltd.
North State Telecommunications Corp.
SLI Systems Ltd.
Yandex N.V. Cl A
FreeBit Co. Ltd.
Sitestar Corp.
TagLikeMe Corp.
Allied Architects Inc.
ProtoSource Corp.
Fullnet Communications Inc.
Seraku Co. Ltd.
Wiz Corp. Inc.
Icoa Inc.
Rarus Technologies Inc.
InterNAP Corp.
Gree Inc.
Opera Software ASA
Lycos Internet Ltd.
United Internet AG
MeetMe Inc.
Over the Wire Holdings Ltd.
B Communications Ltd.
Mitula Group Ltd. Holding
BroadBand Tower Inc.
CLX Communications AB
Cybozu Inc.
LiveHire Ltd. Group Inc.
Rentracks Co. Ltd.
Limelight Networks Inc.
Tautachrome Inc.
Beijing Sinnet Technology Co. Ltd.
DNXcorp SE
IAR Systems Group AB
Gala Inc.
Soosan Int Co. Ltd.
Infinio Group Ltd.
Sunset Capital Assets Inc.
TIE Kinetix
Bright Mountain Media Inc.
O2 Secure Wireless Inc.
Pegasus Cos. Inc.
GoDaddy Inc.
First Liberty Power Corp.
VuMee Inc.
Tencent Holdings Ltd.
Cirrus Networks Holdings Ltd.
Alphabet Inc.
Estore Corp.
Tesserent Ltd.
Pacific Online Ltd.
Poynt Corp.
Areti Web Innovations Inc.
Millennium Energy Corp.
Wangsu Science & Technology Co. Ltd.
Cogent Communications Group Inc.
VIP*ComLink Inc.
Concierge Technologies Inc.
E-Guardian Inc.
Realworld Inc.
Blucora Inc.
Envestnet Inc.
Xiamen Technology Co. Ltd.
DataWind Inc.
Softbrain Co. Ltd.
Pironet NDH AG
21Vianet Group Inc.
Southern Online Bio Technologies Ltd.
Match Group Inc.
Drecom Co. Ltd.
Value HR Co. Ltd.
Breaking Data Corp.
Cloud Live Technology Group Co. Ltd.
SMC Entertainment Inc.
Cannalink Inc.
Mind Solutions Inc.
Rhythmone PLC
ChitrChatr Communications Inc.
Yume No Machi Souzou Iinkai Co. Ltd.
Tucows Inc.
SysGroup PLC India Ltd.
Yahoo Japan Corp.