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Premium fragrances: sales value by type Canada 2016
Personal care: store criteria Canada 2017
Types of ads influencing cosmetics-buying decision in Canada 2013
Hair care: market segmentation Canada 2014
Make-up market: distribution channels Canada 2014
Hand & body moisturizers: sales value Canada 2015
Hair care: market value forecast Canada 2019
Cosmetics stores by region Canada 2016
Sun care products: sales value Canada 2015
Beauty: regional growth rate Canada 2015
Retail: health & personal care stores Canada 2017
Beauty products: decision resources Canada 2014
Household expenditure: hair care products Canada 2016
Face care products: sales value Canada 2015
Beauty products: in-store shopping Canada 2014
Household expenditure: make-up & skin care Canada 2016
Make-up: market segmentation Canada 2014
Fragrances: sales value Canada 2016
Beauty retailers: customer satisfaction Ontario 2014
Cosmetic product recommendations Canada 2017
Skincare: category growth Canada 2016
Fragrance: category growth Canada 2016
Make-up use by type Canada 2014
Consumer attitude: personal care products Canada 2017
Make-up: market value forecast Canada 2019
Mass market fragrances: sales value by type Canada 2016
Skincare: important ingredients Canada 2017
CPI: toiletries and cosmetics Canada 2017
Retail: cosmetics & fragrance sales Canada 2015
Prestige beauty make-up: category growth Canada 2016
Household expenditure: fragrance products Canada 2016
Cosmetics wholesalers by region Canada 2016
Personal care: monthly spend Canada 2017
Beauty products: shopping frequency Canada 2017
Personal care & beauty shopping stores Canada 2017
Make-up: leading companies Canada 2014
Personal care: brand preference Canada 2017
Reasons for personal grooming in Canada 2015