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Mobile OS market share 2018
Microsoft tablet sales worldwide 2011-2016
U.S. Xbox One usage activities 2014
Microsoft Corporation net income by quarter 2008-2018
Microsoft cloud systems management software revenue worldwide 2010-2016
Windows Phone: smartphone users in the U.S. 2010-2016
U.S. residents opinion on Microsoft's Cortana's voice 2017
Windows Phone OS market share of sales 2011-2016
Microsoft intelligence cloud operating income worldwide 2015-2018
Xbox game consoles: ownership in Great Britain 2010-2017
Microsoft business intelligence/analytics software revenue MENA 2013-2014
Microsoft: number of employees 2018
Microsoft annual sales & marketing spending 2018
Microsoft net income 2002-2018
Microsoft public cloud revenue worldwide 2014-2015
Microsoft productivity and business process operating income worldwide 2015-2018
Awareness of Microsoft's Cortana in the U.S. 2017
Microsoft intelligence cloud revenue worldwide 2015-2018
Satisfaction with the voice of Microsoft's Cortana in the U.S. 2017
Software companies SaaS revenue worldwide 2014
Microsoft Corporation R&D expenditure 2002-2018
Companies ranked by total software revenue worldwide 2014
Percentage of U.S. population to own a Windows smartphone 2010-2016
U.S. Microsoft Cortana virtual assistant use frequency 2017
Microsoft productivity and business process revenue worldwide 2015-2018
Microsoft Corporation revenue by quarter 2008-2018
Regular use of digital voice assistants in the U.S. 2017
Microsoft: brand value 2018
Xbox One: unit sales in Europe 2013-2017
Windows detachable tablet share worldwide 2015-2020
BI & analytics software vendors' market share 2015
Best-selling Xbox One games by unit sales 2016
Console & portable unit sales in the U.S. by brand 2014
Xbox 360 unit sales in Europe 2009-2017
Microsoft: revenue 2002-2018
Anti-malware vendors: global market share 2018