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Spain: leading perfume manufacturers 2016
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Facial care product use by category 2017
Beauty and chemical products: exports and imports France 2015-2016
Cosmetic products market in Italy, by channel 2017
Market value of men's care products 2013-2016
Netherlands: turnover of skin care products sales 2012-2017
UK cosmetic export markets worldwide 2017
European cosmetic and toiletry exports by country 2017
Men's cosmetics revenue in the Netherlands 2007-2017
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Netherlands: turnover deodorant sales 2012-2017
Beauty product claims: most important in France
Most popular shampoo brands in Germany 2013-2017
Beauty and personal care: market value in the UK 2013-2018
Netherlands: turnover of shaving products sales 2012-2017
Russian beauty market value by segment 2015-2016
Manufacture of perfumes and toiletries: turnover 2009-2015 | EU-28
Spain: cosmetics consumption value by segment 2016
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Body care: revenues by product group in Germany 2017
Spanish cosmetic export value 2010-2016
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Cosmetic sales in the Netherlands 2008-2017
Hygiene and beauty: number of buyers Spain 2016
Cosmetics sector distribution in France 2016
Revenue of the cosmetics and body care industry in Germany 2017
Men's cosmetics consumption in Italy, by product 2017
Organic online beauty shopping France 2016
Online purchasers of cosmetics by age in Italy in 2017
Skin and facial care products revenue in Germany 2007-2017
Netherlands: turnover fragrance sales 2012-2017
Netherlands: turnover of hair care products sales 2012-2017