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U.S. retail price of turkey, 2017
U.S. turkey consumption per capita, 2027
Manner of celebrating Thanksgiving U.S. 2017
Average price of a Thanksgiving dinner U.S., 2017
Black Friday: expected discount rates U.S. 2017
Thanksgiving: number of travelers U.S. 2017
U.S. consumers' likeliness of shopping on Thanksgiving, 2017
Number of stores U.S. consumers plan to visit on Black Friday 2017
Leading Black Friday shopping channels among U.S. consumers 2017
Thanksgiving: appropriate price for a pound of fresh/frozen turkey U.S. 2017
Brick-and-mortar: Thanksgiving Day peak shopping hours, 2017
Thanksgiving meal times U.S. 2017
Consumer impressions on Black Friday offers in the past 2-3 years U.S. 2017
Black Friday impulse purchases U.S. 2017
Black Friday/Cyber Monday wish list U.S. 2017
Likeliness to shop on Black Friday brick-and-mortar U.S. 2017
Total value of turkey production in the U.S. 2016
Meat market: U.S. consumers' purchase frequency of turkey, 2015
Preferred location for celebrating Thanksgiving U.S. 2017
Average price of ingredients for a Thanksgiving dinner U.S. 2017
Meaning of Thanksgiving U.S. 2017
Thanksgiving: number of travelers by mode U.S. 2017
U.S. turkey production 2016
Expected consumer spending by seasonal event in the U.S. 2017
U.S. consumers' reasons for shopping in store on Black Friday, 2017
Black Friday: consumer spending plans compared to the past year U.S. 2017
Thanksgiving: planned spending on sweets and decorations U.S. 2017
Importance of celebrating Thanksgiving U.S. 2017
Thanksgiving meal: planned spending per person U.S. 2017
Brick-and-mortar: Black Friday's peak shopping hours U.S. 2017
Black Friday: leading store types among U.S. consumers 2017
U.S. Thanksgiving destination average daily rates 2016
U.S. turkey industry: total number produced, 2016
Thanksgiving dinner menu plans U.S. 2017
U.S. Thanksgiving travel - busiest airports 2017
Thanksgiving dinner: appropriate restaurant spending per person U.S. 2017
Thanksgiving: share of travelers by mode U.S. 2017